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This page has been splatted, 2015 'Bootsplat Reboot' theme!

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What the hell is a Bootsplat anyhow?

Splatting is Fast 'n Easy

Splatting is all about fast and easy crap out a site design. Like real crapping, its super fast, fun, and just feels natural. Shidoobee!

Splat Responsively and Responsibly

While we advocate reponsible splatting sometimes its just not warranted, if you feel youve been splatting on or against, report the incident here.

unlike 'code' which is deemed not to be art (see 2600 mag vs MPAA), Splatting as art is probably legal?

Splatting can be its own form of artistic expression so let the creative juices out, and let your freak flag, splat?

Yes, Splatting can indeed work for your "photography site"

Which begs the question just how many "designers" and "photographers" are there these days anyhow? Shidoobee!

File Icons

It looks fun right?

Splatting is totally a blast! There is no limit to what you can achieve with 2 bootsplats, 3 moron bankers determine to watch currency circulate the way a child or kitten is fascinated with reflections on tin foil. Remember get a SF PO or Virtual Office, and you need a '.io' it's a wealth indicator weeds out Asia and Europe from Americans, and its a status thing, so just get it or you'll just be another gay ass 'hack breakfast' or whatever.

We splat so that others dont have to. You change the content we provide the framework, and take all the blame. Change this at will. Versioning is messy. Shidoobee!

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